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Friday, October 25, 2013

Featured Video: Demo from Kendra Ferreira

Artist Kendra Ferreira has a full background in drawing and portraiture and a range of skills using all types of media, but her love is colored pencil.  

After joining the Colored Pencil Society, Kendra came upon Ampersand products and has been working on Pastelbord™.  With a modern technique using solvents or water and brushes, Kendra is able to work the soft pigments of the pencils into the Pastelbord, layering color upon color.  Many people find her work to look like paintings.  In these videos, Kendra shares her technique and you can get a close up view of her teaching style.

Kendra also teaches workshops regularly in Rhode Island; upcoming workshops include Colored Pencil at the Providence Art Club and Colored Pencil Drawing at the Newport Art Museum.  You can find out more information at her website:

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