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Friday, May 23, 2014

Resources for Framing Panels

All Ampersand standard size panels generally fit into pre-made frames. If you are creating a piece of art specifically for a frame, be sure to measure carefully, because frame sizes and rabbet depths may vary.

Download this spec sheet that has a complete listing of profile depths for the entire product line. Framing can enhance the overall presentation of your work in creative ways. Sectional, plein-air, floater, canvas frames, all are viable framing options for panels. Cradled panels, of course, can be hung directly on the wall and need no additional framing. 
A list of online framing suppliers:
  • -- Specialize in custom frames for panels; two types of frames with  a range of colors and styles.  Easy to order from website directly
  • -- Has all sorts of frames, including floater frames for panels.  Their website contains LOADS of info on framing, including videos on all sorts of substrates, not just paper.
  • -- Museum quality hanging hardware
Also note that many art supply retailers will carry framing or hanging supplies, including your local brick & mortar store.  

Below is a video from Linda Sheets on framing Scratchbord in floater frames:

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