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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Featured Gallery Artist: José M. Fontaiña

Out of the Blue, acrylic on Gessobord
Jose is an internationally reknowned artist, born in Spain and partially raised in the U.S.  He exhibits internationally and more of his beautiful work can be found on his website:

"My paintings are a true reflection of myself and I enjoy the wonderful freedom that originality provides,” says Fontaiña. I describe my work as being a good Caldo Gallego, a delicious Galician soup made by mixing together many vegetables and meats. Instead of using cooking ingredients, I use the elements of art. Creating art is my full time job. I am obsessed with it, but it is a healthy and rewarding obsession. Each blank surface is a painting with a new beginning, an intriguing puzzle that must be solved, and a wonderful means for discovering myself in a way of life that I love to live.”    ~José Fontaiña   

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