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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Current Events with Encaustics & Ampersand Artists

There is always a lot going on with exhibitions, workshops, book releases and awards with our followers and Ampersand artists.  This month, encaustic artists, Bonny Leibowitz and Elise Wagner both have great happenings in their regions.

Announcing a new 2 day workshop with T.E. Siewert at The Encaustic Center in Richardson, TX. The workshop, Cold Wax and Oil Expressions: "Exercising your Artistic Voice" will run August 27th and 28th many of the materials supplied,  including Ampersand Gessobord™.  This is an exploratory class to demonstrate and allow students to engage cold wax medium with oil paint.  The instructor will demonstrate various techniques and work individually with each student to develop color palette and basic compositions.  For more information, the details are coming to The Encaustic Center website.

Elise Wagner "Genesis"
work from Elise Wagner's "Genesis" exhibition
Portland Artist, Elise Wagner has a solo exhibit, "Genesis" running now through May 28th at the Butters Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  She uses encaustic painting and a unique printing process called "encaustic collagraph" to create her complex, layered artwork.  

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