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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Honoring Scratchboard Artist Diana Lee

Tiny Feet

Diana Lee, internationally known scratchboard artist and dear friend to Ampersand passed last Wednesday evening.  She was surrounded by family and passed peacefully after a long struggle with many ailments, according to her adoring husband, Steve Bockman.  

We are deeply thankful for the time we have had to get to know Diana and her work, to see her passion for Scratchbord™, and to witness her involvement in teaching and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.  She raised the bar for scratch art and brought so much attention to the medium.  Her body of work is a testament to her great skill and stamina in pursuit of creating some of the most beautiful imagery and story through her art.

We wish much peace to Steve and family and send our deepest sympathy to the scratchboard family.

Tiny Dancer

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Current Events with Scratchbord™ Artists

Saltie, 8"x 10" work by John Agnew
Crocodile Scratchboards opened last fall on tour by notable animal artist, John Agnew and curated by David Wagner. It is currently at the Sternberg Museum in Hays, KS  and will be on display through August 31, 2016.  Thirty works created altogether, with 20 Scratchbord works, all on Ampersand Scratchbord™ panels, and ten preliminary sketches and paintings. John is a current member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and particularly enjoys crocodilian subject matter although he has traveled worldwide to capture all varieties of animals not only in scratch art but also in painting.  John keeps his website current with a beautiful display of his work:

For those that are new to our blog, to Ampersand, or to Scratchbord™, there is a wonderful group of artists in the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.  This international group began from a WetCanvas! forum and has brought much attention and education to the world of scratch art as well as a mutually beneficial relationship with Ampersand.  We are proud sponsors and supporters of their annual exhibition and convention with several workshops and a juried show.  Next year's convention is tentatively scheduled for Australia.  The past exhibition finished in April this year in Tucson, Arizona by you can view the exhibition online.  Associate membership is open to anyone interested in Scratch art, and Active membership is open to those interested in exhibitions.  Details of membership, events, workshops and the society can all be found through their website:

All things Ampersand, 
Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist 
Ampersand Art Supply 

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scratchbord™ Basics

Scratchbord flat panel by Ampersand Art Supply Ampersand Scratchbord™ has a smooth, absorbent kaolin clay ground evenly coated with black India ink. Scratch the black ink away with ease and control to crisp white fluid lines. 

Backed with Ampersand’s true artist hardboard, Scratchbord will not tear, crack or bend like other paper scratchboards and can be sealed with spray fixative to eliminate fingerprints for perfect glass-free presentation. 

Tips for Using Scratchbord™ 
  • Start by drawing your subject matter directly on the Scratchbord™ surface with pastels, plain white chalk or graphite pencil. 
  • You can also transfer a completed drawing by chalking the back and tracing over the main lines with a pen or pencil or by using graphite transfer paper. 
  • To begin, scratch out all the lines from your drawing on the Scratchbord. Next, scratch in directional lines to show volume. Following the directional lines and repeating them to fill in, start sculpting out the shapes. Go over areas several times that need to be the most highlighted. 
  • When the drawing is completed, clean off any scratched clay-ink debris and chalk dust with a very soft cloth.  

Adding Vibrant Color
  • To add color, use Scratchbord-Claybord™ Inks that are both waterproof and transparent. 
  • For best results, build up the color in diluted washes following the directional lines in the drawing. Other brands of ink can leave heavy residue on the black surface and can be difficult to scratch if not quickly wiped off. 
  • For final touch up, apply Ampersand Black Repair ink around the edges of the subject matter to cover any left over residue and over-painting. Once all the color is in, go back and scratch out the highlights. 
  • If you make a mistake, you can repair it. Although the repaired surface won’t be completely the same as the surface you began with, there are a couple of ways to repair areas that need to be changed. For best results, use Ampersand Black Repair ink or Sumi India ink diluted 1/2 with water and gently apply with a cotton swab or small brush over the area to be repaired. Repeat thin applications until the area is completely covered. An airbrush can also be used for larger areas. 

Seal Scratchbord™ 

    Scratchbord Tools & Accessories
  • Use an acrylic spray fixative like Krylon® UV Resistant Clear Coating #1309 (Matte) or #1305 (Gloss). It will dissolve fingerprints and even out smudges while also protecting the surface from dirt and water. 
  • First, remove all loose dust and debris from the surface with a soft brush or cloth being careful not to scuff the surface. 
  • Spray with 2 -3 coats of fixative (as directed on the can) in low humidity, warmer temperatures and in a well-ventilated area. 

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All things Ampersand, 
Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist 
Ampersand Art Supply 

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