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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Honoring Scratchboard Artist Diana Lee

Tiny Feet

Diana Lee, internationally known scratchboard artist and dear friend to Ampersand passed last Wednesday evening.  She was surrounded by family and passed peacefully after a long struggle with many ailments, according to her adoring husband, Steve Bockman.  

We are deeply thankful for the time we have had to get to know Diana and her work, to see her passion for Scratchbord™, and to witness her involvement in teaching and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.  She raised the bar for scratch art and brought so much attention to the medium.  Her body of work is a testament to her great skill and stamina in pursuit of creating some of the most beautiful imagery and story through her art.

We wish much peace to Steve and family and send our deepest sympathy to the scratchboard family.

Tiny Dancer

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  1. Thank you, Karen (and Elaine and everyone else at Ampersand) for your kind words. It gives me comfort to know how many people Diana touched along her journey.

    --Steve (her adoring husband)