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Friday, December 11, 2015

Featured Artist: David Gonzales

David Gonzales
David Gonzales has a long history of working with materials to create something from his observations having been reared in a close knit family of artists. Born in Germany, but raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, David had opportunity to begin exhibiting his talent and artwork at the age of 12. He went on to receive the "Governor's Award" at the age of 17, displaying his work at the Nation's Capital in Washington, D.C.  Shortly thereafter, he received a full scholarship to attend the San Antonio Art Institute.
David Gonzales

As a multi-media artist with a rich Native American and Hispanic cultural history, David's work includes pieces of his heritage, the world around him, and the stories unfolding before him.  The viewer, although looking at a two dimensional piece, gets to catch a full event through the motion, brilliance, color and design of David's work.  He shares, "I love painting the same way an athlete would move, full of motion and energy.  Life is in constant motion and it is this activity that I strive to capture in my work.  Most recently, I have been painting a lot of sports from cycling to skiing and this kind of subject matter is perfect for that athletic zest to pour into my paintings."  

David's colorful work includes a variety of media, from acrylic to pastels, and his connection with Ampersand fits perfectly into his appreciation of the environment and a multi-media surface.  David found Ampersand's panel in his quest for art materials that are better for the earth and humankind.  He was concerned about using cotton canvas, with the harmful pollution and pesticide use in the cotton industry.  "When I learned that Ampersand makes their panels here in the U.S. and from sustainable forests, I felt like I hit a gold mine," he explains.

David GonzalesDavid's work is represented by Art on a Whim in Breckinridge, CO, where he has current work exhibiting.  His work is also at Aspen Art Gallery in Denver and Aspen, CO, at Fare Bella Art Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO and at Great Southwest in Sedona, AZ.  To see all the latest news and art by David, check out his website, or follow him on Facebook.  

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